In 2006, we adopted the Ayurvedic Amnanda treatment methods from Baba Ramdas Swami, an Ayurvedic doctor from Tibet.

Baba Ramda’s wish was that we pass on the knowledge about the implementation of the Amnanda cures to the therapists free of charge. Since then, our instructors and our team have been doing this with idealism and great joy.

He was a doctor of a 2000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda doctors he continued and trained his successor, today Dr. Pankaj Naram.

Our team is happy to share Baba’s heritage with our clients.

Amnanda is not a company or organization but an ayurvedic treatment method. Our team is working on training for amnanda for free. This homepage is available to all visitors and therapists at no cost.


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Baba Ramdas Swami

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