Amnanda Forest is a forest bathing therapy, with an accompanying oil treatment. Amnanda forest therapy strengthens the immune system, the hormonal system and overall vitality.

The forest is home for our recreation and relaxation. Scientific studies over the last few decades are highlighting the therapeutic possibilities of spending time in the forest. Amnanda Forest combines these effects with those of a specific Ayurvedic oil treatment.

The therapeutic effects of forest bathing are connected with the feelings of trust and safety that we instinctively feel in the forest. This experience almost always draws people in to the forest. We react positively to the high oxygen content and the pheromones emitted by the trees.

Scientifically studies have illustrated the potent effect on our immune and hormone system for instance, that are measurable after spending only 15 minutes in the forest.

In the 6-day workshop, we also familiarize ourselves with the herbs of the forest. We make teas and tinctures and cook with these herbs. Every day we have a picnic in the woods.