CBD Oil 24%




Recommended Use:

  • For a powerful immune system
  • In case of stress, restlessness and bad sleep
  • For active cell protection
  • For irritated problem skin and much more
  • For more pleasure and well-being

Our CBD natural extract is derived from commercial cannabis-rich cannabidiol, but naturally has a particularly low THC content. The origin of organic EU agriculture guarantees the consistent renouncement of pesticides and herbicides. With the specially developed “Super-Soft Extraction” we are able to extract the best ingredients from the hemp plant gently and naturally in organic quality. The premium extract is characterized by the highest purity and a mild taste. The natural extract of CBD VITAL has a premium character because the CBD is 100% gently decarboxylated and therefore in its effective, activated form. The entourage effect is the synergistic interaction of phytocannabinoids with terpenes. Thus, the premium oils have optimal bioavailability and excellent compatibility.

Organic certified properties

  • 2400 mg of activated cannabidiol (decarboxylated) per 10 ml
  • 10 ml contain about 300 drops
  • Free of synthetic ingredients, pesticides & heavy metals
  • Organic certified
  • <0.02% THC
  • Contains the natural spectrum of phytochemicals
  • With organic hemp seed oil
  • Highest quality level

Consumption recommendation: 2 x 3 drops approx. 7.3 mg CBD per drop
Content: Organic hemp seed oil, terpene rich organic hemp extract: CBD (24%), CBG (0.01%), CBN (0.01%), THC / THCA (<0.02%)

How to use

Drop the CBD oil with the pipette directly into the mouth, preferably under the tongue. Allow to absorb for 20 – 30 seconds before swallowing to ensure optimum absorption. The recommended intake can be continuously adjusted or increased.Shake before use! Keep upright, cool and protected from light.


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