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Mild to moderate discomfort (eg headache, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, depression)
If a dosage higher than 5% CBD seems necessary.

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Our CBD natural extract comes from cannabis strains rich in cannabidiol but naturally low in THC. Pesticides and herbicides are consistently avoided. A special extraction process provides highly concentrated CBD oils containing the full phytochemicals spectrum consisting of phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG), terpenes, omega-6 / omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Permanent analyzes according to GMP standards ensure consistent quality, reproducible CBD contents and maximum purity.

The natural extract of CBD-Vital has a premium character because the CBD is 100% decarboxylated and therefore in its most effective form. Due to the high terpene content, the entourage effect is fully preserved without the presence of THC.
The entourage effect is the synergistic interaction of the phytocannabinnoids with terpenes. As a result, the natural extract often shows a comparatively higher benefit than monopreparations.

  • 1000 mg of cannabidiol (decarboxylated) per 10 ml
  • Approximately 300 drops
  • Free of synthetic ingredients
  • THC <0.03% - 100% legal
  • Contains the natural spectrum of plant substances (terpene entourage effect)
  • Mild taste
  • GMP quality
  • Purity / Analysis Certificates for each batch


Hemp seed oil (cold pressed), cannabidiol, natural phytocannabinoids

10 ml (about 300 drops) contain 1000 mg CBD (10%)

Recommended dosage :  3- 4 drops (18.24 mg) under the tongue twice daily. The drops should be kept in the mouth for a short time before being swallowed. The recommended intake can be continuously adjusted or increased.

1 drop contains 3.04 mg of CBD.

Shake before use! Keep cool and out of direct sunlight.


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