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What is CBD?

Boosting health without intoxicating effects

CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) is becoming ever more present in the marketplace, although there are still prejudices about it. After all, cannabidiol is a substance that is extracted from the hemp plant and is associated with having an intoxicating effect. But that is not the case.

CBD oil causes no psychoactive effect, so it is unlikely to cause intoxication during its use. It is therefore an oil, which is absolutely legally available. Although CBD oil is not approved as a medicinal product, it has many healing properties.

CBD oil – what is it?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found mainly in hemp fibre. By comparison,  THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is found only in drug hemp varieties. While THC causes intoxication, CBD has no psychoactive effect.

However, many people are still convinced that hemp is equivalent to marijuana. However, this is not so, as there are different types of hemp which are also specially bred and grown and are thus used for different purposes. For example, industrial hemp, which actually contains no or only minimal THC, is very well suited for the production of clothing. At the same time the CBD share is very high in this industrial hemp. Therefore, industrial hemp is also used for the production of hemp oil, which has no intoxicating effect. The highest CBD content is found in the specially bred cannabis sativa variety.

Hemp with a high CBD content is not a drug but contains a variety of essential nutrients. These are vital to the body, but can not be produced by oneself.

How can CBD help?

CBD oil and its applications

Due to its many health properties, CBD oil can be used for very different problems. In addition to studies, many reports from users have proven the positive effects of cannabidiol oil.

CBD oil for insomnia
Insomnia often leads to follow on problems such as tension and nausea. At some point, your performance at work drops with you making more mistakes and  – depending on the profession – sometimes even resulting in injuries. Many people therefore resort directly to sleeping pills. However, these can also be dangerous, because they not only make you feel like you have no energy, but they can also lead to dependency issues. 

Cannabidiol oil is a good alternative because it is considered to be free from side effects. You start the day rested and the ingredients work naturally against insomnia. Since fatigue may be a side effect of high dosages, it is a better choice than chemicals, as you will be much more relaxed and rested tomorrow.

Smoking cessation with CBD oil
A study showed that CBD oil can help you to become nicotine-free. As part of an investigation, twelve smokers inhaled CBD as soon as they felt the urge to smoke a cigarette. Another twelve smokers were given placebos. While there were no changes in the placebo group, the subjects in the CBD group were less keen on cigarettes. In addition, the number of cigarettes smoked fell to about 40 percent.

For acne
Acne is not just a problem for young people. Even adults have more and more problems with the skin and are prone to the emergence of acne. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, CBD oil can also help here. It helps to reduce the fat content of the skin and can combat acne permanently.

Against stress, overload and nervousness
Cannabidiol oil is best known for its calming properties and therefore helps very well with stress, overwork, nervousness and even anxiety. It is both calming and relaxing.

Prevent diabetes with CBD oil
In the prevention of diabetes, CBD oil is said to have a good effect. In studies with mice this could be shown. Thus, overweight mice were given CBD and showed that despite the eating habits and the existing excess weight – the typical risk factors – no diabetes developed. In a placebo group, however, the majority of the mice developed diabetes.

Relieves multiple sclerosis
In mice, a study was also performed in which the relief of multiple sclerosis showed. Mice received CBD over a period of ten days and showed an improvement in their general condition as well as their ability to move. Although many studies have yet to follow, the first indications for the relief of multiple sclerosis are available.

Alleviation of Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia
According to numerous reports, CBD oil has a positive effect on Crohn’s disease due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Crohn’s disease patients taking CBD oil report a significant improvement in the disease. Even fibromyalgia can be significantly alleviated by taking CBD. While one group of patients was treated with traditional medications in one study, the other received CBD. Patients who were treated without CBD did not show any noticeable improvement. The informative value of the study, however, still needs to be substantiated by further investigations.

For asthma and allergies
Cannabidiol oil can also be helpful in conditions such as asthma and allergies. It stimulates the immune system and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. For example, asthma can be caused by a malfunctioning immune system, so it can be treated well with CBD oil. The same applies to patients with allergies, because by strengthening the immune system, the body’s own defenses can even counteract allergies. Allergic reactions reduce or may even be completely eliminated.

Other applications
In addition to the applications already mentioned, CBD oil is so versatile that many other areas can be mentioned here. Cannabidiol oil can also help with the following symptoms:

Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, BSE, nausea and nausea, epilepsy, obesity and overweight, hepatitis, cancer, nervous disorders, rheumatism, sepsis, addictions, depression.

What is the best CBD dosage?

Mild and simple complaints: morning and evening three drops of a 5% CBD oil during the first week, increasing the dose to five drops in the second week

In case of multiple or serious complaints: In the first and second week take three drops of a 10% CBD oil in the morning and evening, in the third week five drops are recommended three times a day

For gastrointestinal complaints, mild pain and sleep disorders: in the morning and evening take three drops of a 10% CBD oil

In case of tension, anxiety, nervousness and anxiety: take three drops of a 5% CBD oil three times a day

For chronic complaints, serious illnesses or during chemotherapy: Take a 24% to 30% CBD oil in the first weeks in the morning and evening four drops, in the second week five drops and in the third week, the dosage slightly increase

There are several ways to take it. The oil can be dripped directly under the tongue or on bread or other food if the taste does not suit. Which intake is better, every user has to find out for themselves.

In the effect and dosage there is no difference between the dosage form “oil” or “capsule”. Here it depends on the preferences of the clients.

CBD for animals

The bodies of animals can respond to CBD because they have endogenous receptors that can bind the specific cannabinoid molecules. It causes the nervous system to reduce inflammatory symptoms or ignore pain. CBD thus acts as a kind of stimulant on the nervous system and naturally enhances the already existing strategies of the nervous system and the body.

CBD for animals – what is it used for?

Cannabidiol is a natural phytochemical that is useful for a wide range of ailments due to its versatile properties. It strengthens physique and psyche, reduces stress situations and ensures a balance in the inflammatory metabolism in dogs and cats.

More and more veterinarians are relying on the help of nature through cannabidiol to maintain health or improve the quality of life. Often, the administration of CBD puts an end to a long-term search for complementary solutions to improve well-being. CBD ensures better mobility, hormonal behavior and restabilization of the immune system.

Clinical studies of effects

First, the researchers had studied the structure of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. They quickly realized that cannabinoids must be responsible for the effects of cannabis. So they knew that cannabinoids worked. Now they wanted to clarify how this effect came about. In these investigations, they came across a hitherto unknown area in our body: the endocannabinoid system.

In 1987, Professor Allyn Howlett of Saint Louis University in Missouri (USA) showed for the first time that cannabinoids act via endogenous receptors. The human body has multiple receptors that respond to cannabinoids. The best known are cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2). The CB1 is found in the central nervous system and in the nervous system of the intestine. The CB2 is found on cells of the human defense system and on cells that regulate bone metabolism. These two receptors are part of the so-called endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is used to regulate body processes. So it has an influence on the:

  • Performance of the immune system,
  • pain perception,
  • the emergence of fears,
  • mood and
  • regulation of appetite, sleep and body temperature.

Further evidence of effects

  • CBD reduces autoimmune inflammatory processes in diabetes.
  • CBD can be helpful in epilepsy.
  • CBD can increase the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients.
  • CBD can reduce nicotine dependence in smokers.
  • CBD can be helpful for anxiety.
  • CBD can alleviate THC-induced psychosis.
  • CBD can be effective in schizophrenia.
  • CBD can be helpful in stage fright and social phobias.
  • CBD can inhibit excessive appetite.
  • CBD can be helpful in sleeping disorders.
  • CBD can be helpful in ulcerative colitis

CBD Body care range

Our range of CBD bio-cosmetics contain high-dose cannabidiol as well as natural and fresh organic ingredients. High-quality vegetable oils and extracts from medicinal plants, flowers, grasses, herbs or fruits provide the skin with effective solutions for external use. The CBD bio-cosmetics are free from chemical additives, parabens, silicone or prefin oils, as well as hormonally active substances and synthetic fragrances.

The special Airless bottle ensures maximum durability and protects the contents from harmful components of the ambient air such as oxygen, germs or fungal spores. This keeps the products fresh and hygienic – without any chemicals. Our CBD cosmetics have the highest level of natural cosmetics and bear the quality seal of Ecogea.

Informations to product packages

and Indikations

Varicose veins, spider veins

We have already successfully used the product package in our own practice. After some time of ingestion spider veins and varicose veins disappear more and more.

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Weight management

Many have unsuccessfully tried to solve the problem. Of course, weight loss depends primarily on the type of diet, but there are aids that can significantly assist in reducing weight. More detailed information can be found in our product package “Weight Reduction”.

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Depressed mood, listlessness

Time and again there are times of depressive feelings, listlessness, lack of motivation and lack of motivation. The “Joy of Living” package can help you to get out of the depths.


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