Training to become an amnanda instructor

There are three requirements for the training to become an amnanda instructor:

  1. Baba Ramdas Swami needs to give his consent for you to begin the training.
  2. The training as amnanda therapist was completed succesfully.
  3. You have experience in giving the amnanda cure to others.

You will be trained by Karin Pammé.

Procedure and costs for the training to become an amnanda instructor

The process is the same as the training to become an amnanda therapist. Again, you will meet as a group twelve times within one year and receive twelve oil treatments. However, the oils as well as the aims of the treatments will be different from the therapist training.

The aim is not to dissolve the accumulated memory of traumatic experiences within your cells, since this has already been achieved during the amnanda process.

In the instructor training, specially formulated oils serve to dissolve blockades on the neuronal (rather than cell) level. These blockades come from painful life experiences which prevent us to stay permanently within the realm of unconditional love.

As an instructor who trains amnanda therapists it is crucial to be able to empathise with the trainees and to lead the group without judging and criticising. You will grow into this compassionate role during the year of your training. From the third session onwards, the trainees start to alternately lead the group sessions.

Again, the training to become an instructor as such will be free of charge. You will only pay 75€ for each oil treatment, and around 10€ per month for the teas and 7,90€ for the skin tincture.