Training to become an amnanda therapist

Having received the wonderful effects of the amnanda process themselves, many people feel a heart’s desire to pass amnanda on to others.

Baba Ramdas Swami gave his consent to train amnanda therapists, on the condition that the training as such is given free of charge. In this way it can be received as a gift from unconditional love.

Everyone who is doing the training will also be given their own amnanda treatment, within the group of trainees.  Every trainee pays for the treatment, i.e. 65€ for each oil treatment, as well around 10€ per month for the teas, and 7,90€ for the skin tincture, but there is no fee for the training.

The training is exclusively conducted by training instructors who were trained and certified by Karin Pammé.

The training process to become an amnanda therapist

Just as the amnanda cure itself, the training also includes twelve oil treatments over one year. You will meet once a month in a group of five to six participants, for about seven hours. During this time, you will have ample opportunity to exchange experiences, to learn, and to develop awareness of the scope of the amnanda cure, and how the process expresses itself uniquely in each individual.

The oil treatments take place within the group sessions, and from the third meeting onwards the participants will be invited to apply the oil treatments on each other.

Giving and receiving the oil treatments within the group creates an intensive energy, in which each treatment also becomes an initiation, enabling the trainees to give the Amnanda treatment to others, outside the group, right after their first training session.

Interested in becoming an amnanda therapist?

I am very happy to provide you with addresses of instructors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, England, and France.

Please contact me here.