Moksha is a Sanskrit word that means freedom.  Amnanda Moksha is an Ayurvedic oil treatment that uses the energy of loving touch to help create more freedom in your life – to free you from blocks and self-limiting behavioural patterns. The feeling of freedom is directly connected to our physical and emotional health and in Amnanda Moksha we use touch to influence the metabolism through the connections between mind and body.

The goal of Amnanda Moksha is the liberation of internal blocks that restrict our personal freedom, self-determination and freedom of choice.

Do you feel that there is anything that is blocking you in your life? How are your relationships with your partner, your friends and colleagues? Is there anything blocking you at work or in your social life. Do you find it easy to talk to people socially or at work? Some people have a block about talking to others. Some people have a performance anxiety block and may find, for example, speaking in public or auditioning difficult.

Blocks are at the level of communication and blocks to communication can be both physical and emotional – from the communication between the bacteria in your gut to the communication between you and your partner. What is a block? A block is not an injury, it’s a pattern in us that is often from childhood.

Do you ever find it difficult to go from wanting to do something to actually doing it? Maybe you want to eat more healthily or give up coffee but find the old habits hard to break. There seems to be a conflict, and this is an inner block. You want to do something and then may end up actually doing the opposite – you make a plan to lose weight but instead find yourself eating ice cream in front of the T.V. Or the other way around – you want to be kind and considerate to others but keep finding yourself getting frustrated at your family or colleagues. A block is when your conscious-self wants something but another part of you says no. The result is that life can sometimes feel as though it is more difficult than it could be.

But you can change your behaviour if you want. There is a lot that it is possible to change, for example, your conditioning and blocks, or your traumas. In this way you can change your future. You can change from being closed to more open, to more freedom if you want – and the goal in Amnanda Moksha is freedom. More freedom in your relationships, your decision-making and all aspects of your life.

“In the moment that you touch another then you are in communication”

You can see the effect of amnanda moksha on the metabolic system. When we combine touch with a specific oil then at this moment the body produces a lot of hormones and neurotransmitters – dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin for example. This boost to the metabolism can influence the cells of the body and also the connections to the brain. This is how we can actually ‘release’ ourselves from negative patterns, by reframing them and matching them with another context and another feeling. The most important point in Amnanda Moksha is this effect on the hormonal system, the metabolic system. The goal is a stronger, vital, more authentic you – increased self-esteem and increased self-determination – more freedom and free will.