Amnanda Marma is a treatment to reduce or eliminate pain. It is also possible to treat psychological pain.Amnanda Marma is based on the combination of physical touch and meditative, cognitive work. The client goes on an inner journey and describes their mental pictures to the therapist. Throughout the treatment, the therapist gently touches the pain site.

The focus is on the interpretation of pain by the client. During the inner journey the sensation of pain is positively changed through the creation of new neural connections. Within the context of safety and trust, the pain loses its intensity or in some cases can completely disappear.

Unlike some forms of talk-therapy or guided visualisation work, in Amnanda Marma the therapist does not guide or influence the development of the client’s images. The ‘presence’ of the therapist, their touch and companionship is in itself a therapeutic intervention. So we differentiate within the treatment between ‘allowed’ and ‘non- allowed’ interventions. This is one of the differences to talk-therapy or drug-therapy and is the core of the Amnanda Marma treatment.

The process of Amnanda Marma occurs mainly unconsciously in the client. What is conscious is any changes to the sensation of the pain.How often an Amnanda Marma treatment has to be performed depends on the development of the pain sensation. Often a single treatment may be enough to significantly relieve pain.