Amnanda Forest is a six-day workshop that takes place over three weekends in the summer and combines the therapeutic effects of Ayurvedic oil treatments with those of spending time in the forest. The aim of Amnanda Forest is to strengthen our immune system and our general vitality. We learn about specific herbs found in the forest. We make teas and tinctures and cook with these herbs and each day we have a picnic in the woods.

Forests are rich in complex substances that have a positive effect on our health. Scientific studies over the last few decades are highlighting the therapeutic possibilities of spending time in the forest.


In Amnanda Forest the therapeutic benefits of forest bathing are further enhanced with the use of selected Ayurvedic herbs, teas, tinctures and recipes – and an Ayurvedic oil treatment tailored to amplify the positive effects of our interaction with the forest environment.


In this workshop we learn about the complex communication systems at work in the forest, how we interrelate to these systems and the positive effects this interrelationship has on our health. We experience the ‘rhythm and harmony’ of the forest and learn about its connection to our own wellbeing, health and spirituality.

The forest is be a place where we can relax and rejuvenate. Both ancient wisdom and modern science teach us the therapeutic possibilities of spending time in the forest and these positive effects are harnessed and enhanced in Amnanda Forest.

And above all this workshop is fun – what is nicer than spending time in the woods, enjoying a picnic with friends and giving and receiving an Ayurvedic oil treatment.