Amnanda means “the path to joy” and Amnanda for Animals brings joy to our animal companions and deepens our understanding of them and what they need to be happy and content.

Amnanda Cure is a process for healing the effects of injury and traumatic experience.

Animals can have all types of accidents from pulled muscles to broken bones and Amnanda Cure resolves the effects these events have on their lives. Animals experience trauma on an emotional level too and to understand more deeply their experience we need to take a few steps in their paws or hooves and view the world from their perspective. Trauma may be the result of abuse but more often it comes from a misinterpretation of environment, loss of instinct and living outside of instinctive behaviours. Traumatised animals are on constant alert and in a state of hyper vigilance. This effects their ability to learn and they may develop phobias for example of thunder, fireworks and travel. Another response to trauma is to redirect stress into behaviours such as excessive licking, pacing, barking, weaving and changes in eating and toilet habits. Trauma also effects the animal’s ability to relax and create bonds with their guardians or other animals and develops pessimism and distrust.

Amnanda is a series of 12 oil treatments over the course of a year. The combination of the oil, specific herbs and touch of the therapist creates a response in the epigenome of the cell. This change at a cellular level triggers healing at a physical level, repairing injury, increasing immunity and overall improvement of metabolism. It also enables a different interpretation of those life experiences increasing the animal’s positivity, confidence, openness to new experiences and ability to learn. Horses, dogs and cats have the same metabolism as us and loving touch triggers production of oxytocin and endorphins and Amnanda increases these feelings of positivity and contentment.

Amnanda for Animals (generally but not limited to horses, dogs and cats) can be given either by a trained therapist or owners may choose to learn Amnanda themselves to share with their animals. The treatment is very gentle, and oil is applied on most parts of the animal’s body in a specific sequence. Animals are very attuned to feeling healing energy and are generally very receptive to the loving intention of Amnanda.