What is Amnanda Lifebalance

We don’t know exactly what’s going on in a child’s head in the first few months of their lives. We interpret a child’s actions and responses and try to understand what they are feeling and what they need. When we try to remember the first months, maybe even the first few years of our childhood, not much may come to mind. But during this time there are imprints that influence our thinking and acting for a lifetime.

Perhaps many of us sometimes have the desire to turn back time and experience the feeling of safety, shelter and trust again so innocently and unconditionally. But also we would leave a lot behind on this journey back in time to our own childhood, for example our independence, self-determination and many good experiences – everything that also sets us apart as adults.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could combine in our lives  the childlike innocence, safety, trust and shelter with the autonomy and self-determination of adulthood? How great our lives could be if the union of these feelings with our inner being created contentment in our daily lives. The feeling of contentment – from which happiness can arise – literally creates inner and outer peace and increased serenity.

Whether we are or want to be like this depends on how we understand our life and what is happening around us and what kind of life we ​​lead or follow, i.e. our “life balance”.

“Sounds easier than it is” Yes that’s true … and in the amnanda Lifebalance workshops  we dedicate ourselves to better understanding causes and relationships and finding effective methods to achieve our goals in life.