Amnanda is an Ayurvedic oil treatment. The word “amnanda” comes from Sanskrit and means “way to the light”, “way of joy”.

The Amnanda process is intended to address the effects of long term stress which can include feelings of overwhelm, lack of motivation, physical symptoms and accelerated ageing. It is also intended for people who consciously or unconsciously suffer from traumatic life experiences.

This method of rejuvenation usually equates to reversing about 5 years in the aging process. It works on a physical, psychological and emotional level and dissolves the storage of traumatic experiences in the cell memory,leading to more ease and serenity in life.

The program consists of 12 treatments using specially hand-prepared herbal oil blends made from all organic ingredients. A specific mantra is used during preparation of the oils and during the treatment as they are applied to the body. This mantra is also be recited once a week by the therapist throughout the 12 months treatment phase to support those who are currently taking part in the process.

The 12 treatments are carried at intervals of at least 2 to a maximum of 8 weeks so that the process is completed within one year.