Frequently asked Questions

What does “amnanda“ mean?

“amnanda” comes from Sanskrit and means “path of joy”, which is true in two ways:
Firstly, the monthly treatment – i.e. the gentle application of the oil-herbage-mixtures – is itself an experience of pure joy. This is the path you have in front of you, for a whole year!
Secondly, the one-year cure has a deep effect on the path of life that you pursued to date. Stress that accumulated in your cell memory and negatively impacts your health and wellbeing will be released from your system.
The changes to your body and mind will be perceptible to you, so that you will be able to look back on your life path to date with serenity and joy.

Is the cure dependent on my age?

The treatment is designed for adults, i.e. your body needs to be fully grown. This means that generally you have to be at least 22 years old to start the treatment.
There is, however, no upper limit of age. To pursue the “path of joy” can be enjoyed no matter how old you are.

What are the oil-herbal-mixtures made of?

The oil formulas are made up of European herbs, olive oil, ghee (clarified butter), all from certified organic sources, as well as some specially formulated sports gel.
The formulations of the five different herb infused oils all come from Baba Ramdas Swami. They are ayurvedic formulas, however all the ingredients come from European sources, that we are familiar with. So we do not have to revert to herbs from India for the preparation of the oil-herbal-mixtures.

Can I receive the treatment during pregnancy?

Yes, pregnancy is not an obstacle to receive the treatment at all. On the contrary, when a woman is pregnant or becomes pregnant during the treatment, amnanda will be deeply relaxing for both the mother and the child.
During pregnancy and breastfeeding you will drink no Woman Vital Tea, only Green Tea.

Will I have to repeat the whole cure after some time to maintain the effects?

No, you will receive the treatment only once in your life. The effects will be sustained and become even deeper over time.

Do I really have to drink the teas?

Whilst the treatment will have the same end result if you don’t drink the recommended teas, the process of releasing past stresses unfolds with much more ease when you do drink the teas daily!
This is because of the effect the teas have on your body and mind: the Green Tea will strengthen your immune system, whilst the Woman/Man Vital Tea activates your happiness hormones (endorphins).

Can animals be treated with amnanda, too?

Yes, for animals the cure has the same effects as for humans. Some therapists have been working with dogs and horses.
You will find more information on anmanda for animals here.

Do I have to change my dietary habits during the amnanda process?

Changing your dietary habits is not a prerequisite for amnanda. However, a healthy diet strengthens all bodily processes and can therefore be very beneficial during the treatment. For this reason, you will receive an Ayurveda dietary recommendation from your therapist.
If you are overweight, you can ask for information on the 10 Day cleansing program. This includes a mung bean diet which helps to reduce weight.