What you can expect

Amnanda is a one-year treatment program. Throughout this year the client will receive, once a month, an oil treatment. In this treatment, oil will be gently applied to the whole body. Your body will relax and absorb the positive effects of the oil-herbage-mixtures, applied by the therapist with a mindful touch.
This helps to resolve the blockades which have built up through past painful experiences in your life. This healing process will set in from the first treatment onwards. Whilst the unfoldment of the process is highly individual, it will always result in you feeling more serenity, zest and joy, in a sustained way.
To support the monthly oil treatments, you will drink two kinds of specially formulated teas: Green Tea and Women/Men Vital Tea, on a daily basis. Also, on two occasions during the one-year treatment program, in between two treatments, you will take a tincture formulated to strengthen your connective tissues.