The Amnanda Process

Developed from a Tibetan tradition of Ayurveda, the Amnanda Process is a therapeutic program of twelve revitalising oil treatments carried out monthly over the course of a year. The amnanda therapist uses a combination of touch, herbs, oils and compassionate presence to initiate a process designed to release the negative effects of deeply held stress and tension on the body and mind.

According to Ayurveda, physical and mental tension leaves a residual trace in our cells and tissues. These residues negatively impact our health as well as our ability to heal and often lead to premature signs of ageing. Amnanda helps dissolve these traces so that regeneration and revitalisation on a physical cellular level becomes possible as well as on an emotional and a more subtle spiritual level.

In Ayurvedic terms, the Amnanda treatment is considered a ‘rasayana’ – which means renewing or rejuvenating. All the herbs and oils used in Amnanda are selectively chosen for their restorative effects on the body and mind.

The age- accelerating effects of chronic stress is well studied and one of the secrets to anti-aging, together with specific herbs and oils, is an inner peace which is developed more and more through the Amnanda processes.


What are the  treatment goals?

Our past experiences in life have the power to really shape our experience of our daily life and even our future – especially when they occur during childhood. Painful life-experiences or traumas, both physical and emotional, can remain with us and impact our daily living in ways that we may be totally unaware of. Past traumas can colour our moods and feelings and can negatively affect our health, our relationships and even our ability to make good decisions in life.


The Amnanda Process is a process for healing the effects of injury and traumatic experience.


What does it involve?

The Amnanda Process is made up of twelve oil treatments carried out once a month over the course of a year. The process should be completed within one year, ideally at one month intervals but in practice it is sometimes necessary to re-schedule appointments and so we can extend to up to 6 weeks in between treatments.

At the start of the session we discuss what is happening for you in your life together with any feelings or experiences that may have arisen in the previous month. Then follows the treatment where specially prepared herb-infused oils are gently massaged into the body for 40 minutes. This is followed by 5-10 minutes rest at the end of the treatment to process the effects of the Amnanda session.

The cleansing and healing effects of the oil treatments are further supported by drinking two specially formulated herbal teas: Amaiva Green Tea boosts the immune system and Woman/Man Vital Tea helps support the hormonal system. Also, for two months during the year, a tincture is taken daily to strengthen and tone the skin and connective tissues.

The Amnanda Process is a journey that unfolds over the year – releasing the effects of trauma held in different areas of the body and at deeper levels with each successive treatment. Healing begins from the first treatment and each person’s journey is highly individual but always includes renewed enthusiasm, greater clarity and direction in life and restored youthful vitality.

Amnanda means “the path to joy” and this is at the heart of all Amnanda treatments and the spirit of Ayurveda.

Who can benefit from the Amnanda Process?

We are all affected by negative experiences that naturally occur throughout life and the Amnanda Process restores our ability to move through these with greater ease and resilience. There are times though when we feel more challenged or eager to make changes and Amnanda is very beneficial at these times: 

– You are at a crossroads in life. For example: starting a new career, during pregnancy, parenting small children, beginning a new relationship, approaching retirement or changing your lifestyle.
– You want to slow down the ageing process and enjoy good health late into life.
– Your quality of life is affected by past injuries and you would like to boost your self-healing capability.
– You have experienced grief and loss in life and would like to find peace
– You feel blocked in your happiness by past experiences and want to find greater clarity in your goals for life.
– You simply wish to be or become more relaxed and happy.

These and many other examples are good reasons to choose amnanda – talk to us to find out how we can help.